Canada temporary work permits

Canada is a prime destination for many foreign nationals who are seeking employment opportunities. The country boasts a strong and diverse economy with a high-standard of workplace safety, competitive wages, and many opportunities for professional growth and development.

To legally work in Canada, you must be in possession of a work permit. In order to get a work permit, most people need a job offer. If you have a job offer, your Canadian employer will probably need to get an Employment Validation approved by Service Canada. You can seek the help of an experienced ICCRC or Immigration Lawyer for your immigration help!

In certain instances, there are exemptions from the requirement to obtain a Service Canada validation. For example, companies that wish to transfer employees to a Canadian subsidiary, or companies that wish to open offices in Canada may transfer staff without obtaining confirmation from Service Canada.

We specialize in ALL types of Work Permits. We also represent many companies that hire foreign staff.


Types of Canadian work permits

There are many different options for obtaining a Canadian work permit. Some work permits require a job offer from a Canadian employer, some require that the employer provide a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), while others require that a person has some sort of connection to Canada (previous education, spousal sponsorship, etc.). Please refer to the categories below to determine the work permit which best suits your qualifications:   Requiring a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

LMIA-Exempt but requiring a job offer or employment contract

Open Work Permits (no job offer or LMIA required)


UK Work Permit Advice & Assistance


The Tier 2 work permit category forms a core component of the UKBA’s points-based system for managed migration.

How to Get a Work Permit

Before you can apply you must satisfy the following work permit requirements:

  • Have received a confirmed offer of employment from a licensed UK employer who will act as your sponsor; and
  • Be in possession of a Certificate of Sponsorship issued by your sponsoring employer; and
  • Pass the points-based assessment, details of which can be found on the category specific work permit pages listed below.

There are three main categories of UK work permit we advise on. These are:

The work permit application process is led by the employer who is responsible for issuing you (the applicant) with a Certificate of Sponsorship.

Employers who want to know more about Tier 2 work permits are advised to read our section on Tier 2 visa information for employers.

How We Can Help You

  • Assessment of Your Personal Circumstances
    We know that every case is different. Our licensed consultants are here to listen, understand and provide you with accurate advice about the best UK visa route according to your personal circumstances.
  • Documentation
    Following our comprehensive assessment of your circumstances we will provide you with full details of all documentation we require to prepare and submit a successful work permit application on your behalf.
  • Preparation and Submission of Your Application
    Once you’ve provided all of the request documents your dedicated case manager will collate all documentation and prepare your application in accordance with the latest immigration rules and requirements.
  • Advertising the Role
    If necessary, we can advise and assist with ensuring the advertisement placed meets the government criteria.
  • Application Monitoring and Liaising with UKBA
    Your case worker will submit your application to the UKBA on your behalf and monitor progress, keeping you up to date at every step of the way. We will also manage any requests for additional information from the UKBA.


Work Visas to New Zealand and Australia

New Zealand and Australia allows you to work in the country if there’s a valid job offer from a designated employer or an organization. IT, Constructions, Engineering and Trades persons are in great demand and so are hospitality professionals and culinary professionals. Whatever your profession maybe, we can provide a free assessment of the possibility of securing a work visa to move either to Australia or New Zealand.

Germany Job seeker Visa


is only one call away from you. We have a great track record of success in Germany Immigration procedure. Get Free Assessment Now! You took the Right Decision where to start your European Business. Our experts are working on these cases since 2012.


The Germany job seeker visa is a type of long-term visa which entitles you to stay in Germany for up to six months and search for a job. However, not everyone is eligible for this type of visa, and to be granted one, certain requirements must be met.


What Is the Germany Job Seeker Visa Eligibility Criteria?


The Germany job seeker visa requires its applicants to meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply:

  • Be of adult age. You should be at least 18 to apply for this visa.


  • Have an adequate qualification. You are required to have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from a German university or other equivalent foreign degree.
  • Experience requirement. You should have a minimum of 5 years of work experience to be eligible for the Germany job seeker visa.
  • Proof of financial stability. You should prove you can cover your expenses for the duration of your stay in Germany.


Imm Consults will help you in all the steps to make sure your application is successful. Our team is well trained to handle complex applications.

Czech Republic work permits

Migrate to the beautiful European nation of Czech Republic with plenty of benefits and the opportunity to receive your European TRC (Temporary Resident Card) that allows you to live & work freely in Europe.

Vacant Jobs

The vacancy exists in the automobile industry in Czech Republic as an Assembly Line Worker.

Job Description

Manufacturing & fixing of plastic components on a production line using advanced plastics technologies.

  • Engine components
  • Car interior & exterior components
  • Dashboard car parts

Assembly line workers will be trained to know how to read technical schematics to become familiar with the construction processes, connect parts together according to the instruction, using tools like using bolts and screws. Pack and prepare items for distribution. The training period will be for the first thirty (30) days followed by regular on the job training.

Job Details

Criteria Details
Employer XXXXX
Contract Duration 2 years contract which can be extended by multiples of 2 years each.
Probation / Training Period 30 days from date of joining.
Work Week & Working Hours 5 days working per week with 2 days off. 40 hours per week i.e. 160 hours per month + over time. 8 hours per day + 1 hour break.
Salary Base Salary 16,500 Czech Koruna/month. (Bonuses up to 70,000 Czech Koruna/month upon performance)
Housing Male employees – maximum 3 sharing furnished. Female employees – maximum 2 sharing furnished. Couple employees – not provided, if needed the couple must take housing separately at their own expense.
Food 1 duty meal provided by the company.
Medical Insurance Provided by the company.
Annual Vacation Annual Vacation
Flight Tickets Joining tickets on candidate’s own cost. Repatriation air ticket will be provided by the employer provided that the candidate successfully finishes the job contract of 2 years. Vacation air ticket is provided by the employer every year.
Family Sponsorship Family Sponsorship The employee has to contribute 10% tax per month for a year if he/she is to be able to sponsor the family after a year. After paying the requisite tax for a year, the employee will be able to sponsor his/her family i.e. spouse & children. The employee’s spouse is permitted to work in Czech Republic.
Children’s Education Provided free of cost by the Czech Republic government.
Medical Insurance for Family Provided free of cost by the Czech Republic government.
Notice Period 30 days written notice if the employee wants to change the job
Labour Law The Czech Republic labour law will prevail on all concerns related to the employee so that the employee is protected as per European Union norms.
Job Commencement After the visa issuance, the candidate will receive a 90 day entry visa to enter Czech Republic to start the job. Upon arrival the employer will immediately begin the TRP application for the employee.
Vacancy & Deployment Vacancies are limited and to be filled by 30 June 2022. The deployment begins by mid-September 2021.


Visa Application Process

Criteria Details
Passport Your passport valid for a minimum of 1 year and copies of any of your previous visas are required. Your passport must have at least two blank pages.
Documents given by the Employer The employer will provide the original work permit, job contract, accommodation confirmation letter, full job description with terms and conditions.
Police Clearance Certificate A police clearance certificate is required from the country of residence while applying.
Medical Test A pre-employment medical test result is required.
Bio-Metric Photo & fingerprints in the Czech Republic embassy

Note: The police clearance certificate cost, medical test cost and the visa application fees will be borne by the applicant.